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اطلع على ما يحدث الآن في ابن بطوطة مول

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الجميع يحب العروض الرائعة. شاهد أحدث عروضنا

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14 يناير


اطلع على الأحداث المثيرة القادمة

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Ibn Battuta Archaelogical Dig and Mystery Hunt

18 مايو-04 يونيو , عام 2016

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Join us every weekend for thrilling family activities

Thursday 19th May - Saturday 4th June, 3PM - 9PM:
Bring your little adventurers to the Archaeological Dig - an ancient exploration playground in Egypt court. We have lots of prizes to offer!In celebration of the court expansions, we are hosting spectacular Indian, Persian and Egyptian traditional performances.

Thursday 26th May - Saturday 28th May, 5PM onwards:
Discover hidden clues at the Great Mystery Hunt and solve the riddles to win hundreds of prizes.

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