Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall in Dubai
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اطلع على ما يحدث الآن في ابن بطوطة مول

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الجميع يحب العروض الرائعة. شاهد أحدث عروضنا

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14 يناير


اطلع على الأحداث المثيرة القادمة

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Ramadan Donation Drive

06 يونيو-06 يوليو , عام 2016

أرسل الخبر

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Celebrate the spirit of giving this Ramadan by donating books, shoes, clothes and money to those in need.

This Holy Month, Ibn Battuta Mall has partnered with Dubai’s Dar Al Ber Society to distribute donated items to the less fortunate across the UAE. Place your donations in the collection boxes at China and Tunisia Courts. Ibn Battuta Mall’s Ramadan opening hours are 10am to 1am daily with restaurants staying open until 2am.

Indulge your spirit of generosity and donate to make a difference.


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