Treat your taste buds to the ideal culinary experience in Dubai. Travel the world at Ibn Battuta Mall with a variety of international cuisines.

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Head to Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai for the ideal shopping experience. Discover a wide selection of department stores, fashion stores, specialty stores, and more.

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Ibn Battuta Mall has something for everyone. You can watch a movie, go bowling, and much more.

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Switch Bowling

Switch Bowling Dubai is the very embodiment of Ibn Battuta Mall’s status as an all-round family entertainment centre. A game that revolves around speed, sport and style, Switch Bowling is a fine blend of state-of-the-art technology and Italy’s elegant design skills. With plenty of seating options, big screens, elaborate lighting and musical systems, it promises a great evening for anyone.

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KIABI revolutionised ready-to-wear clothing by inventing the first concept of affordable fashion for the whole family in France in 1978.
Now an international fashion brand, KIABI is present in 15 countries, and is bringing its fun and trendy styles to the UAE for the very first time.

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Carrefour is one of Dubai’s most trusted retail supermarkets offering an endless array of home essentials, groceries and more. It is always our effort to ensure that you receivethe most varied selection of household goods, electronics, and home appliances. We also offer affordable clothing, stationery, toys, furniture, dinnerware, utensils, garden equipment and all you need in and around your home. We also have great discounts and deals on premium brands all year round.


Tunisia Court

Tunisia was Ibn Battuta’s first port of call. A hub of art and learning, it was dotted with splendid mosques and palaces, public gardens and colleges. The court is modeller on the coastal towns of Tunisia and Carthage.

White washed stucco facades, blue doors, wrought iron work and stained glass windows recreate the charm of centuries old African souks. While the mosaic tiles speak of the influences of Moroccan royalty.

Add a touch of Tunisian charm to your shopping.


India Court

Ruled by the Mughals in the 13th century, India was renowned for its unique Indo-Islamic architecture, majestic monuments and immense wealth.

The splendour of India’s Mughal period is clearly evident in the court. The central dome bears influences of the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and the Wind Palace. However, the centrepiece of the court is the Elephant Clock. A marvel of medieval technology created by an inventor Al Jazari.

Every hour, wooden carved figures, dragons and phoenixes of the Elephant Clock come alive and move together as it tells you the time.Take in the richness of Indian culture with your shopping.


China Court

Storms, sunken ships, pirates. Ibn Battuta’s journey to China was an eventful one. However, the art and inventiveness he saw in China made up for his troubles. The court captures the majesty and vibrancy of Imperial China.

Spacious colonnaded halls decked with giant dragon medallions, white marble columns reminiscent of the gates of historic Chinese cities, a coffered ceiling with royal motifs symbolizing happiness and prosperity.

At the centre of it all is one of the most seaworthy vessels of its time – a Chinese Ship. It’s our homage to the great traveller and his remarkable adventure.



Persia was one of the greatest centres of learning and culture in the 14th century

The artistry of Persia can be seen in the arabesque design of the court’s enormous dome. It’s arched passages, blue and turquoise mosaic walkway and magnificent brass chandelier immediately transports you to the vaulted streets of Baghdad.

Shop amidst the grandeur of Persian heritage.



Egypt Court brings to life the wonder of its ancient history pharaohs, pyramids, hieroglyphics and temples.

Sandstone walls with carved hieroglyphics, papyrus columns, pointed arches of the central arcade, and majestic lanterns lend the feel of an authentic Egyptian bazaar

Get a feel of vibrant Egypt while you shop.


Andalusia Court

The last chapter in Ibn Batuttas odyssey, Andalusia was a land of art, poetry, architecture, science and learning.

Influences of that great time and civilization shine through in every corner of the court. The star-shaped ceiling and Fountain of Lions are inspired by the Alhambra Palace. The lofty halls and accentuated arches, take you back to Grand Mosque of Cordoba. The red stone walls and terracotta tiles add to the distinct Andalusian flavour.

Take a walk through Andalusian history while you shop.


Latest Events

Versus: A New Gaming Pop-Up Experience In Ibn Battuta Mall

Versus: A New Gaming Pop-Up Experience

Celebrate Eid at Ibn Battuta Mall with an exciting new gaming pop-up! Challenge friends and family with retro and modern games and enjoy Precision Football's interactive activity. Experience traditional performances that highlight the UAE's rich cultural heritage, let your little ones meet the cheerful Modesh and Dana, and enjoy the Edeya

Festive season fun for the family In Ibn Battuta Mall

Festive season fun for the family

Experience end-of-year celebrations at Ibn Battuta Mall, where life-sized nutcrackers and sweet gingerbread men welcome you and your family.

AstroLab In Ibn Battuta Mall


Children can unleash their creativity and explore the depths of their imagination at the AstroLab sessions at Ibn Battuta Mall. Choose.

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