Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall in Dubai
Call, Come, Collect at Ibn Battuta Mall

Call to Order, Come to Collect

May 11-Jun 30, 2020


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What is this service?

Call, Come, Collect is a quick, convenient way to buy a wide range of goods and takeaway meals, with no booking or collection fees and an average call-to-collection time of 30 minutes. The service operates daily from 12 pm to 9 pm.

How does it work?
Place your order by phoning the shop or restaurant directly before collecting your items from a designated drive-through pick-up zone. Once contactless card payment is made, a dedicated team ensures all items are safely placed in customers’ cars before they drive away.  Check out participating brands.

Find Ibn Battuta Mall collection point:

The collection point at Ibn Battuta is in India court  next to Switch Bowling



What is “call, come, collect”?

Customers can now place an order from any of our stores in Ibn Battuta Mall, Nakheel Mall and The Pointe and collect / pick-up their items safely from our dedicated collection points.

Where is the collection point located?

The collection point at Ibn Battuta is in India court next to Switch Bowling https://maps.google.com/maps?q=25.048307418823242%2C55.123348236083984

From what time to what time is this service available?

Available daily from 12pm – 9pm.

Do I have to enter the mall to collect my order?

No, the collection points are convenient parking spots located at the closest entry to the mall where you can wait for your order to be ready. Our dedicated team will be on hand to help as well.

Is there anyone that can help me when I arrive?

Our dedicated team will be present at the collection point from 12pm to 9pm daily to help and assist you.

Who will bring me my order for collection?

The store that you have placed your order from will be on hand to greet you, collect your order with a payment machine.

What is the expected time to collect the order from the moment the order is placed?

You will receive your order within 30min after placing your order. Unless communicated otherwise by the store.

What if my order is delayed?

You can call the store directly to follow-up on your order, if you encounter any difficulties reaching out to the store, our dedicated team, at the collection point can assist you further.

How do I pay? What is the accepted payment method?

To ensure our payments are contactless, all payments will be by card.

Can I order from any store I want or is this limited to any stores?

The collection service applies to all retailers participating in the campaign with the exception of supermarkets and pharmacies.

Will there be a list of participating outlets at each mall, or will it be a case of all of them?

Yes you can check participating stores listed on this page. Supermarkets and pharmacies are excluded from Call, Come, Collect.

How do I know I have received the right order?

On arrival at Call, Come, Collect you will be greeted by our dedicated team with your order. We will ask for you to review your order and confirm before moving to payment.

Can I return an item after purchasing it and collecting it?

If you have any questions with the order You will need to check directly with the retailer if there is any defect in the product purchased but as per government directives the “return policy” on personal items is not allowed. For food purchase the orders cannot be returned.

What are the safety measures taken for the staff manning the collection point?

The staff’s temperature is taken daily and is monitored, they will be wearing masks and gloves. And of course, the entire service is contactless including payment.

Does Dragon Mart offer this service?

No, this service is now available only at Ibn Battuta, Nakheel Mall and The Pointe

Is home delivery applicable?

Not at this stage.

Any other questions?

The Pointe Call us at +971 54 584 7550

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